Plugin List

Name Version Date Description
Almanna 0.1.1 2016-12-22 Provides built-in support for the Almanna ORM, with entity registration and configuration via the application config file.
Couchbase 0.1.2 2016-12-22 Couchbase integration for Ambition
CouchDB 0.1.1 2016-12-22 CouchDB integration for Ambition
Markdown 0.1.0 2014-10-27 Provides Markdown integration via peg-markdown
SCGI 0.1.1 2016-12-22 Provide built-in support for a SCGI engine.
ServiceThing 0.1.2 2015-11-30 Easy Services for Ambition
ServiceThing 0.1.1 2014-10-27 Easy Services for Ambition
TextCaptcha 0.1.1 2016-12-22 Provides TextCaptcha integration.
TwitterBootstrap 0.1.2 2016-12-22 Twitter Bootstrap field rendering for form fields in Ambition